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Currently, around 5.1 million inhabitants live in the Metropolis Ruhr on approx. 4435 km2, which is the largest conurbation in Germany and the fifth largest in Europe. In the last 3 years the number Migrants in Metropolis Ruhr by 6.7 percent, the rest of NRW to 8 percent. In the end of 2013, approximately 602,824 foreigners from almost 200 nations live in the region. Dortmund is the largest city in the Ruhr Metropolis.

In the Metropole Ruhr, the economic area Dortmund and Hagen with about 756,000 inhabitants is one of the most populated regions in Germany and represents a significant economic and retail center. To the approximately 756,000 inhabitants, there is another potential of more than 900,000 people from the immediate surrounding area.

Retail professionals in this economic area are a large group and often have intercultural communication problems, which makes access to training and thus business development more difficult.

At the same time, German-led companies often lack the necessary skills in dealing with colleagues with migrant background. Culturally differently shaped images of women with migration complicates their participation in further education. This and communication reasons leads to lack of willingness to integrate in the companies as well as communication problems with each other.

They lack resources and knowledge and can’t continue any further education program that prepares the companies for the future. Thus, there is no further training culture in the above-mentioned companies in the region to strategically manage and plan their own skilled personnel management, to design careers and careers, to lead interculturally competent and to act in a fair manner, to retain employees, to increase their attractiveness as an employer  to enable them secure their future demand for skilled labor, which according to current forecasts, especially in the area of ​​retail trade in the economic area Dortmund and Hagen with high growth rates, will be very needful in the future.